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Have you heard the word on the street about this coupon book floating around Jackson, Michigan? If you haven’t, allow me to inform you! The Small Business Holiday Coupon Book  is  a compilation of various discounts and deals from small businesses in the Jackson, MI area. 

There are thirty-three businesses total, ranging from boutiques, artists, sporting goods, and catering services. This is the second year I have put together a holiday coupon book, and my main goal is to encourage the community to shop local each holiday season. It is a great way for businesses to find new customers and for the community to discover new businesses. I came up with the idea for multiple reasons, but my main reason is because I have a passion for supporting small businesses. We are very fortunate here in Jackson to have such a wide variety of local businesses that can cater to anyone and everyone. Local boutiques like Apricot Lane, Belle Row, and The Blessed Nest. Or sporting goods stores like Schupbach’s in downtown Jackson and Knutson’s in Brooklyn. With so much selection in our town, we need to celebrate it and support our neighbors by shopping small! 

a bigger vision...

Supporting small businesses and creating holiday coupon books has become such a joy for me that I’ve turned it into a year-round business. This year I did market research and this past October I officially launched my new business, D2 Savings. D2 Savings is an advertisement company built for small businesses. My goal with D2 Savings is to partner with people that have a strong online presence to create “Small Businesses Stacks”. A Small Business Stack is a hand selected list of small businesses chosen by the partners we work with that offer their followers exclusive deals. There are many ins and outs to D2 Savings but the main focus will always be to support small businesses. 

Back to the holiday coupon book! If you are interested in purchasing a coupon book, visit any of the following businesses: 

  • Apricot Lane
  • Schupbach’s Sporting Goods
  • Nevermore Decor
  • Windy Hill Creations Market
  • Meghan Kathleen’s, LLC
  • RJ’s Metropolitan
  • Little BIG Emporium 
  • Summit Pet Supply
  • Musgrove + Company
  • Harmony Garden Music Therapy 

Please follow @d2savingsllc on social media to follow the journey of my new business.

kayla nangle

Kayla is an entrepreneur that is passionate about small business! Having run her own small business, Darling Earrings, for many years, Kayla knows the importance of small town love and spreading the word to your friends about new local products you find! Kayla resides in Michigan with her husband and their fur babies, and pours her heart into being the best aunt around! Follow both of Kayla's small businesses on Instagram @d2savingsllc and @darling_earrings.

Cover photo provided by Carly Kristin Photography. All other photos provided by Kayla Nangle.

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