every story counts

R.C. Sproul once said that every persons life story has enough experiences to produce a best selling novel and that to want to know about that person not only enriches their life but our own as well. That's exactly what happened when I received the last issue of 2022. There was a particular story that spoke about farm animals and their dependance on God to meet their everyday needs. I cried when I read this, it was short and sweet and exactly what my heart needed—a reminder for that moment. He cares, for the animals on the land, the birds in the sky and creatures in the waters. He clothes the grass with lilies, provides rain to water the fields and oh, how He loves you. The experience this Sister wrote about encouraged me and glorified Him.

Now, I don't know about you but I'm no english major. Half the time, I forget when to properly use a dash, a semicolon, and I literally just googled how to type an em dash. You, too? Phew, I'm glad to get that out the way. The great thing about our team is that, we really just want to know your story and help you write it. Your draft does not need to be polished, you don't need to know where the dash goes and although those things are important, and helps to bring clarity and precision to your writing—we'll help you figure that out. Our main concern is that you know Him. On that note, please refer to our Statement of Faith and know that by submitting your story you are agreeing with our statement and writing standards below.

integrity of our words

Our aim is to exalt the name of Jesus and encourage our sisters in the unity of the Holy Spirit through the meaningful stories we share. With each penned experience, we seek to plant seeds of hope in the hearts of those who encounter them, offering tangible examples of God's love and faithfulness in our lives. We welcome creative writing styles in the form of poems, testimonies, practical stories and discipleship teachings. As we engage in this creative process, we encourage a disciplined imagination, firmly rooted in the biblical principles found within God's Word. 

What unifies these expressions is the shared purpose of celebrating God as the ultimate Hero and Savior of our lives. While the stories we write reflect our unique experiences, they should always point the reader’s gaze back to God as the source of all wisdom and strength. In this way, we encourage each other to seek out God's Word, apply its truths, and strive to live out our faith in ways that bring honor to Him.

It is because of this that we endeavor to maintain a discerning approach, ensuring that our writings remain free from any elements associated with new age concepts (unbiblical affirmations, yoga, enneagram...etc.), modern feminism, politics or any post-modern approach to The Holy Scriptures. We believe that The Holy Scripture is infallible and sufficient and any notions seeking to add or take away from its original meaning, is not something we align with.

By upholding these standards we honor God, preserve the integrity of our faith and hold in good conscience the power of our written words.