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By Design Journal was founded in 2020 out of a desire to provide a safe place where women would be able to share real life stories and testimonies of God's redemptive work in their lives. A place where they could become part of a community of women who would encourage one another in biblical womanhood. We are unique in that today By Design is not made up of just one single event but a combination of events taking place at different moments in time but all embarking on the same journey divinely leading us all here. In 2023 the Lord has brought together a group of women who at different point of their lives began to share the same vision. Together we aim to serve the kingdom by continuing the work of sharing your stories and making Him known. Welcome, we are happy you are here!

By Design is a quarterly publication intentionally designed to foster personal growth, create connections and encourage readers. Part editorial magazine, part thematic devotional entries, the journal as a whole serves to stretch women of all ages and walks of life as they discover who God has designed them to be. With each new issue, expect to find unique guest authors, fresh devotionals to use in your quiet time and fun surprises like hand-lettered prints!

meet the team



Alison is By Design Journal's original Founder. The idea was born one evening in a living room surrounded by amazingly supportive sisters. Alison had been considering the idea of writing a devotional for years, but wasn’t exactly sure what that would look like. After brainstorming, she landed on the concept of a magazine-like-publication that was perfectly curated to include the voices of strong women, support small businesses and encourage readers in their walk with Christ. Thanks to her, many women have found inspiration and encouragement. Today, Alison serves as Social Media Manager. She is the driving force behind our social media presence, working diligently behind the scenes. Her contribution branches beyond this and into other areas of this team, as she always provides the right words of encouragement to help us navigate this journey. We are so grateful for her heart and willingness to serve the body. Alison is also a wife and mother to four beautiful children, and a lover of flowers and pasta!



Letty joined By Design Journal in 2023 to lead and serve as Publisher and Editor in Chief. Her story is one of many testimonies showcasing the work of God through this vision; faith, life and community. Home to a new town, Letty found herself in need of a strong community of Christian women. One day she received in the mail an issue of the By Design Journal from a dear friend. It was the sweetest gift and held the words she so needed, in that season of life. At the moment, it was not revealed why this issue would continue to unfold the beginning of several events to follow. After months of attending a new church the Lord stirred in her heart a desire to present the idea of a newsletter for the women's ministry, in an effort to form a community of women who wanted to share their stories and learn more about each other - then she remembered, By Design. Having misplaced it and not wanting her friend to know, Letty reached out to Alison for a copy and that began the start of a new beginning for her and a new chapter for By Design. Letty is deeply invested in nurturing the spiritual growth of all women and cultivating an environment that ignites a passionate pursuit of God's word. Her focus encompasses two primary aspects: to continue uplifting women of all ages through the stories we share, while also emphasizing a doctrinally centered approach in how we present them. Letty will curate the content of each issue - set the theme, organize the guest contributors and write many of the devotionals included in every issue. Letty reviews all content By Design releases as well as reviews and publishes every blog post submission making sure to maintain the quality and integrity of our ministry. She is a Bible nerd, wife and mother who enjoys hiking and traveling the world.



Elisabeth is the newest member to the By Design team. In 2020 she founded Radiant Woman Magazine where she sought to provide a platform for Christian women from all over the world to share their stories. The By Design team took notice of how similar our visions were and extended an invitation for RWM to become part of our community, in an effort to broaden the reach of our shared vision. Elisabeth grew up in the mission field and brings with her a unique perspective of what it is like to be a Christian woman in areas where being Christian or being a woman is not always culturally respected. She is also attending seminary school where she is working hard to obtain a master's degree in Biblical Counseling. Elisabeth serves as Managing Editor and is responsible for carefully evaluating each blog submission, ensuring that every piece upholds our commitment to faith-based perspectives, empowerment, and inspiration for Christian women.



Chelsea joined the By Design team in 2022 as the Community Cultivator and has recently taken on the role of Creative Director where she will create the visual layout of each issue, aligning it with the established theme while maintaining the unique aesthetic and style of BDJ. Chelsea is passionate about creating environments for women to support one another so that they can thrive collectively and individually. She has a heart for freedom and works with women in addiction and trauma recovery at Soar Café and Farms. A lover of pretty words, Chelsea is also a talented hand-letter and shares her gift through digital art that usually has a beautiful God story paired with it! 

previously featured contributors

cassie showerman

In each issue you will find a discipleship teaching under Cassie's column entitled: Going Deeper. Cassie is a Bible Teacher and Christian Apologist. As someone who didn’t become a Christian until her mid-twenties, she has dove into studying the Bible and searching for logical reasoning and historical evidence to back up her faith. When Cassie isn’t with her four kids and husband, she is working at her church. Cassie also enjoys pouring herself into teaching discipleship and theology basics through her Instagram account. As an extrovert, she loves connecting with people and learning their stories. Cassie also loves cooking and baking - often imagining herself on an episode of Chopped as she tries out a new recipe she’s found online.

lit sis

Haley Kingsley and Maddy Burkholder, together known as “Lit Sis”, are two sisters who love literature and sharing their thoughts, reviews and ratings on all genres of books! In each issue, you will find the sisters' commentary in the Book Nook column. Their weekly podcast “Lit Sis” (available on Spotify) covers their monthly reads, all things happening in the literary world and just fun conversation. Maddy has been a writer her whole life and is currently working on publishing her first novel. Haley has been a lover of books and being in the “know” when it comes to new releases! Both have been avid readers since they were very young thanks to their parents, and have devoured books in a plethora of genres. Haley’s favorite genre is Thriller/Suspense and Maddy’s is Historical Fiction. When they’re not reading you can find them working as a nurse (Maddy) or singing and teaching dance (Haley), but they always make time to spend with family, too. 

alyssa tangney

Alyssa is a suburban mom of five (almost six) who turned farmer in early 2021. In her column, Hope from the Homestead, Alyssa shares with our readers what life looks like on the farm, and how the Lord is speaking to her through hard work, motherhood and marriage. Alyssa is passionate about creating community, leading a mother's group at her church, but also designing an online presence that fosters connection and encouraging support. She loves pouring into books, podcasts and is always dreaming up new adventures!

halie conley

Halie is a self-taught hand-lettering pro who designs practice sheets and lessons for our readers in each one of our issues! She and her husband, Hunter, own Wholehearted Woods, a hand-lettering and home décor shop. In the fall of 2021, Halie made the leap into full-time self-employment, leaving behind the elementary classroom she once taught in. Now, she is devoting her days to stepping into her creative ideas, teaching others how to hand-letter through in-person and on-line classes, and learning the ins-and-outs of running a small business. In their free time, Halie and Hunter love spending time outside, hanging out with their family and indulging in ice cream!