moments of the garden...

The present holds His presence,

And before we even look, we find ourselves running.

We run from present moments toward future ones,

Hoping they hold a better gift.

And we miss that the here and now is what builds heart space and equips.

Missing this means missing Him,

And our lives weren’t made to be skimmed.

So, we work to walk slowly-

Try to tread lightly-

Entering into moments of now,

To find Him there illuminating all that is poignant and profound.

He waits for us in time-filled moments hoping we’ll wait for Him.

The turn of our head,

A whisper of the heart,

Sober in spirit our predisposition.

He’s always there waiting.

Waiting for us to come as we are so we can interact with who He is-

Without pretense or perfection,

Without façade or our fictional selves.

Just us.

And just Him.

Like ancient friends walking in the Garden again.

when He whispers...

“Moments in the Garden” was originally printed in Issue No. 10 of By Design Journal. Within the last year, Kelly has been working passionately at putting together her first published book, When He Whispers Your Name: Contemplative Poetry and Prose for the Spiritual Soul. To check out Kelly’s book and purchase a copy for your personal library, you can find it for sale on Amazon.

kelly meagher

Kelly Meagher lives in the metro Detroit area with her husband, Brian, and their three children Rori, Judah, and Emmett. Kelly comes alive when creating. While writing is her true craft, she also enjoys painting, woodworking, and designing floral arrangements. When she isn’t pouring herself into creative outlets, you can find Kelly in nature - anywhere from the beach to hiking on the forest floor to climbing to the top of a mountain. For more from Kelly Meagher, follow on Instagram @kellyannemeagher.

Photos by Carly Kristin Photography. Headshot provided by Kelly Meagher.

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