tethering her love to it...

The mountain climber knows

the gift

of the summit is worth

the toile of the climb.

When scaling the cliffs,

her body strains deeper,

pushes further,

and works harder

with every carefully placed step.

The climber tames

the mountain

like a lover conquering a beast with great triumph.

She descends the mountain

with freedom

in calloused hand.

But not before tethering her love to it.

Many say “Love is vast

and beautiful

like a mountain.”

But they are mistaken.

The mountain is a

wild thing

to be bridled.

No, Love is the climber.

Love chooses to say,

“When it is harder to love you,

I will love you harder.”

kelly r. baum

Kelly is an east coast girl, raising her son and daughter alongside her husband in New Jersey. Kelly pours her creative energy into writing and graphic design, being the author of numerous women's and children's Christian devotionals, and most recently exploring the art of digital collages. For more of Kelly's art, follow on Instagram @slimplykellyrose.

Images provided by Kelly R. Baum.

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