void in my heart...

Have you ever walked through a season that you knew was slowly coming to a close, but you were scared to take that obedient first step into a new chapter approaching? I have been there too, friend. 

For six years I was taking steps to grow my brand which eventually led me to launch my name: The Michiana Gal. As years passed my freelance clients grew, I had multiple internships, appeared on podcasts, published ministry writings, became a spokesperson for local brands, and hosted events/ stylized shoots. It had always been a passion of mine to build friendships and encourage other entrepreneurs,  but if I am being honest with you, much of my motivation was rooted in selfishness. My heart thirsted for praise and I was hungry for success.  My identity was my career. Somedays I was reminded of the void in my heart that  I tried to fill with anything I could but I would always be left discouraged. I would state my true identity came from God, but I knew that wasn’t entirely true. I believed God couldn’t spot my little lie about my identity, but God knew my heart and He knew over time the shift in my identity and intentions.

I could feel in my spirit a bright and fresh season was on the horizon, God was continuing to give me quiet nudges to make a change, but I was so comfortable where I was that I chose not to move while assuming my way was best. I tried to stay in a season of life that I outgrew. I chose to sit in disobedience rather than believe God, the same God who gifted me the blessings I was clinging to. How ironic is that? For a minute there I believed outgrowing a piece of my life that I cherished was backtracking, but it was quite the opposite. It was a time of pruning. God was pruning back the branches that had now grown rotten. God removed what I couldn’t in order for me to flourish in this new season He had waiting for me. What a gracious and loving father we have who caters to our pace and gives our spirit peace while in big transitions.

opened my eyes...

"Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit, He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit, He prunes it so that it may bear more fruit."

John 15:2

One night in early April, I sat with Jesus thanking Him for this change, for this new season. God opened my eyes to all the little details and dots He had been connecting for so long, I just chose to not see them. I gave up my old identity that once sat on a pedestal that was intended only for God. I gave the pen back to God so He could be the author again, and I am so grateful that I finally took that obedient first step. The first step is hard, but with each new step it gets easier because you are walking with Christ at your side. Christ who made you, who cherishes you, who knows all the beautiful ins and outs of your heart.

take the step...

Sometimes we hang on to seasons we have outgrown, believing that there could never be anything better. We often underestimate how grand of a plan God has for each of us.

Take the step into obedience today. God would never ask you to move if it didn’t lead to something so much better. No matter the change in life that God has been equipping you for, know that everything you have walked through, and every season you have embarked on, all play a role in God's detailed design for your life. Our Lord Jesus Christ creates the most intricate storybook moments that each of us walks through every day, but it is up to us to notice the dots He has intertwined throughout each season of life and trust His perfect timing.

samantha tucker

Samantha Tucker is new guest to By Design and writes to us from Michigan. Something that brings her great joy is taking a summer swim in the turquoise waters of Puterbaugh Lake in Michigan, close to her childhood home. Samantha describes herself as a "summer girl" at heart.

Photos by Carly Kristin Photography. Headshot by Samantha Tucker

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