to the tomb...

Come with me

to the tomb —


Walk with me

over shards of glass

Trudge through

pits of quicksand, walk

with me along this fractured

road where we reach

our fingertips

over chasms, too far

apart to touch.


Weep with me

as it rains, grief

and mourning plummeting

from the sky. We feel

it in our brittle,

dry bones,

the sorrow. Every step

bringing us closer but

also further.


A kinetic standstill

in the waiting.


Come with me

to the tomb. Wade

with me through the River of


which flows in torrents, covering

us until we wonder,

are our tears red, too? And then,

on the other side

we emerge,

and merge.


Did you see something?

A ghost, perhaps, or

a man

always there

before us and after us

beside us.


“Come with me

to the tomb,” is an echo

around us now.

“It isn’t far.”


There are more of us now,


pushing past the chasms.


by one,

we are coming.



We are there.

A gentle wind glides

over our skin,

it is warmth and joy.

We smile, forgetting

the cuts on bottoms our feet

and the dryness of our bones.

The stone is rolled away, revealing


but not the kind

that leads to suffering.

This emptiness is brimming

with freedom. With

the kind of grace that cannot

come from any other place.

This empty tomb.

This tomb overflowing

with sacrifice, with

the blood of a Savior left

behind so that the

dirt will never forget

He was there, until

He wasn’t anymore.

Come with me,

to the empty tomb where

we may worship and remember

Who peels the glass

from our feet, Whose

breath fills our lungs and

Who will stitch the chasms back together.


Who emptied the tomb and

then filled it

with Eternity.

We are there.

A gentle wind glides

over our skin,

it is warmth and joy.

We are there.

A gentle wind glides

over our skin,

it is warmth and joy.

meghan endahl

Meghan is a Michigan mama with a passionate and creative heart. She finds joy in writing, specially poetry, and also in photographing life's most precious moments that families want to remember for generations to come. Meghan is also currently learning sign language as she has a heart for encouraging and ministering to the deaf population.

Photographs by Cate Autumn Photography. Headshot provided by Meghan Endahl.

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