two loaves of bread and five fish...

My “baby” turns five on May 16th. I can’t believe he is (almost) FIVE! We are in the process of making all the lists for the party: NASCAR decor, fun snacks, and of course, a squeaky clean house.

And in preparing all the lists that are incredibly overwhelming and stressful, the Lord keeps “popping” a story in my mind. The seemingly impossible miracle of the feeding of the five thousand. Two loaves of bread and five fish feed five thousand people! Oh, and this happened as a natural gathering with no clean kitchens!

I think as humans we focus on the food as the miracle. At least I do. How did two loaves of bread and five fish feed that many people? How were they satisfied after eating that - more than satisfied, rather! It’s simple: their satisfaction came from God and the fellowship of other believers.

I think there is another key part to the story that we are missing. The organic, simple gathering turned into one of the biggest moments in the Bible.

overlooking the simple...

I think in ministry, much as in parenting, we think of “big moments” or milestones. Retreats and revivals of faith. Parties and crawling… and graduation, for parents.

We completely overlook the simple and natural moments. Praying with someone in the bread aisle at the grocery store. Dropping everything to have someone come into your home for coffee. I know I have missed moments just like this. Probably even more since I’ve had children. Because again my focus isn’t always on Him - it’s on the kids and the checklists.

putting me into service...

My prayer as women of faith that we strive for the good Word in ALL areas of our lives. The messy kitchens, the bread aisle, and maybe even the lobby of your kid’s dance studio. That you may flourish His grace and goodness everywhere you go.

With that, I leave you with the Bible verse:

“I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has strengthened me, because He considered me faithful, putting me into service.” 1 Timothy 1:12

katrina meyers

Katrina and her husband Chris are raising their two miracle sons in Michigan. Recently becoming a homeschooling family, Katrina pours into her sons all day long, teaching them their ABCs, respect toward others, and about the goodness of God. Outside of her home, Katrina exudes community - always supporting local and women-run small businesses and making connections and friendships wherever she goes, especially in the aisles of Aldi and Target!

Photos by Cate Autumn Photography. Headshot provided by Katrina.

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