the 100 blessings campaign

As we prayed about what the Lord wanted us to focus on this year, He kept circling us back to the idea of community - that we would grow & strengthen our community of readers. Our hope for 2022 is that we will increase our readership, and in doing so, increase the Kingdom of God. The 100 Blessings Campaign is our kickstart effort to reach more readers, and we're doing so by leaning on our current reader-base! The goal of the campaign is to gift 100 copies of By Design Journal to 100 different women in just 100 days! If each one of us committed to sending just one friend a copy of By Design Journal we would more than surpass our goal!

How can you be apart of our blessing campaign?

  • Pray for the Lord to increase our reach
  • When you order your copy of the Winter 2022 Issue, purchase a second copy for a friend
  • Gift a loved one an annual subscription to By Design Journal
  • Purchase one (or more) of our discounted previous issues to send to a friend
  • Pass along one of your old copies of By Design Journal to a friend who needs some encouragement

For each copy purchased to gift to a friend, we will add more and more color to the image above. Help us bring to life this image with 100 splotches of vibrant color!

So, who is God laying on your heart to bless?